• Image of Between Dharamsala and Beijing

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Original painting: ‘Between Dharamsala and Beijing’. Oil on canvas, 92 x 122cm.

Inspired by the propaganda art of Mao Tse-tung’s Cultural Revolution, this painting refers to the Chinese stranglehold on the once free nation of Tibet… where people are now jailed for displaying a flag, and Buddhist monks are again setting themselves on fire in a final protest for independence.

The title refers to the international community’s willingness to ignore human rights violations in Tibet, for fear of losing political and economic favour with China. Dharamsala, India, has become many Tibetans’ home in exile, while Beijing is the seat of control. The place that no-one wants to mention – Tibet – is somewhere in-between.

Prints are on fine-art archival, 300gsm cotton fibre paper. The finished piece will have a white border around the printed image (35-65mm depending on print size); this is included in the quoted paper size. All prints are unframed. Delivered within Australia by standard post, approx 14 days after payment. Maximum postage is (AU$12.95) for one or more prints if delivered to the same address within Australia. The rest of the world is AU$25. Payment is secure through your Paypal account or credit card... don't forget to enter your shipping address in the 'Notes' section during payment.

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